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Structuring Multinational Insurance Programmes: Anticipating Emerging Global Challenges for Captives
Multinational corporations have long known that traditional avenues of insurance-risk transfer can be efficiently supplemented by “risk financing” rather than self-insurance. Techniques such as the use of large deductibles and self-insured retentions, or the use of a captive (re)insurer are commonplace amongst astute multinational corporations. Captives, in particular, are increasingly seen as an effective risk management option both for organisations that seek cross-border insurance coverage, and for those seeking to insure difficult-to-place risks. Over the past three years, 70% of European risk managers confirm that they have increased their use of captive insurance arrangements.  

This report urges risk managers at multinational European companies to re-examine the capabilities of their global insurance partners as the international regulatory and business environment grows increasingly complex.  Read the report.


ACE European Risk Briefing: Changing Multinational Risks and Evolving Solutions
Risk managers and captive owners are expanding their use of multinational programme solutions according to a major new research study from ACE.  Read the report.

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M&A Risk Management: Collateral Liabilities and Solutions
This report discusses how to address collateral responsibilities from an efficient risk transfer standpoint and highlights factors potential purchasers may need to address.  Read the report.

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ACE Podcast Series: How Commercial Business & Property Owners Can Best Prepare for Hurricanes
Hurricanes can be extremely destructive -- the combination of storm surge, high winds and heavy rain poses serious threats, including property damage, disruption of business operations, and personal injuries and loss of life. ACE’s hurricane podcast series stresses the need for pre-planning and preparation.  Listen to the podcasts.

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M&A Risk Management: Global Environmental Liability
This paper discusses M&A global environmental liability trends in the context of the exposures they create as well as ways to effectively manage and transfer these risks.  Read the paper.

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Cloud Computing: Is Your Company Weighing Both Benefits & Risks?
Cloud computing is a landscape-altering technology that is enjoying increasing rates of adoption — often implemented, however, without taking sufficient risk
management precautions.  While there are numerous advantages to adopting the cloud, there are also abundant risks, and having a comprehensive risk management plan in place is critical.  Read the report.

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Europe's Latin American Dance
European companies perceive the region’s long-term economic prospects as bright despite recent economic slowdown. But they must manage many regulatory and political risks, and develop local relationships in order to optimise their opportunities.  Read the article.

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