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Accident and Health Insurance

Insurance programs for employees

Employer with benefits
Motivate your employees with a valuable corporate benefit

Motivate your employees with benefits other employers won’t offer. In a number of European and other countries, the business travel and group personal accident insurances are perceived as very welcome and valuable corporate benefits.

At the same time, using these insurance products, you are protecting your most valuable asset – your employees, everywhere in the world.

ACE European Group specializes in providing insurance solutions solely for corporate clientele of national and trans-national corporations. Each partner is unique to us as well as every solution we offer to your company is equally unique.

Group personal accident insurance
Protect your most valuable asset – your employees

ACE European Group is a strong and stable partner for insuring your employees against personal accident risks at your company. Offer your employees a valuable benefit that will protect your most valuable asset.

The basic configuration of our corporate personal accident insurance involves hospital cash, indemnity in case of a permanent personal accident or insurance in case of death. You, as the employer, are free to combine and change the range of the coverages as well as the limits of indemnity.

Flexibility of our insurance products, our long-time experience in the corporate market and the possibility for your employees to insure their family members within the scope of their corporate insurance are all reasons for you to choose ACE European Group as your partner.

Business travel insurance
Insurance that will travel the entire world with your employees

Doing business on a global scale often involves the necessity to travel and meet business partners in different parts of the world. ACE European Group offers protection of your employees during their business trips worldwide.

We prefer arranging insurance with minimum administration which means no need for notifying business trips during the insurance period. Final premium calculation will take place when the insurance period terminates.

The flexibility of our insurance products which are fully adjustable to your needs is designed to satisfy each individual demand. You, as the employer, are free to combine and change the coverages as well as the limits of indemnity.


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