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Financial Risks and Professional Liability Insurance

Specialisation, disciplined risk underwriting, deep knowledge of the issues – all of this makes ACE European Group the leader in the insurance of financial risks

It doesn't matter which industry your company operates in. Our insurance products are flexible enough to meet any of our clients' requirements from different business fields, whether a company from a manufacturing industry, a non-profit organisation or a financial institution.

The current trend of business globalisation means that in terms of risk claims for damages caused by managers may arise in any country and the person responsible can be judged by any jurisdiction. ACE European Group's insurance products offer the widest range of insurance coverage available on the market.

Insurance products:

  • Directors and Officers liability insurance (D&O insurance)
  • Technology professional indemnity insurance
  • Lawyers professional liability insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance

An important aspect of financial risks and professional liability insurance is the quality of the offered insurance product. Although at present the market is very competitive, ACE European Group subscribes risks in order to ensure our clients receive the required level of risk protection when they really need it. We offer our clients a high level of insurance services, advice and support when a claim for damages is made against them.


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