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Catastrophe Services

A single catastrophic event can significantly damage or even destroy an organization’s reputation for responsibility, excellence, and profitability. With ESIS Catastrophe Services, we help clients prepare — and more. We are specialists in the industry. We understand the impact of such a disaster on both your reputation and bottom line. ESIS Catastrophe Services knows what it takes to best control the unexpected.

Our philosophy is to prepare, respond, and contain. We specialize in developing plans for the possibility of such a disaster. We then successfully manage the administration of these plans should a catastrophe occur. Our objective is to restore order within the chaos, so you can get on with the business at hand.

No one wants to think there could be a catastrophe in their future. However, if one does occur, think of us as your catastrophe specialist. That’s how you’ll keep your business health and your image intact.


  • Give key decision makers the tools necessary to respond quickly and effectively to an event
  • Minimize risks
  • Speed the recovery of normal business operations
  • Contain costs associated with business interruption, workers compensation, third party claims, and litigation
  • Regain the trust of your community and your clients
  • Preserve the image, reputation, and profitability of your organization

Key Advantages:

  • PreVantageSM, a prevention and readiness program, provides the most comprehensive suite of customized services available
  • National Catastrophe Management Center centralizes response operations and provides consistency, flexibility, and cost efficiency
  • Customized database provides real time financial, geographical and loss information
  • Experienced staff specialized in and dedicated to responding and managing catastrophe losses
  • Dedicated loss reporting telephone number
  • Services available 24 per day, 365 days per year

Catastrophe Services

  • Evaluate current response plan
  • Develop customized full service loss management/loss reduction plan
  • Train key personnel on elements essential to effective crisis response
  • Access comprehensive reporting, assessment, and management
  • Customer service support
  • Post-loss review of the program

Crisis Management

  • Critical incident needs assessment
  • Consultation with management regarding incident response
  • Critical incident debriefing and diffusing
  • Grief bereavement counseling
  • Stress management counseling
  • Community resource referral

Network of Services

  • Crisis intervention
  • Environmental cost accounting
  • Media consulting
  • National/regional service providers