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Commercial Marine Loss Control and Marine Advisory Services

ACE Marine Advisory Services (MAS) understands the challenges facing customers when their property is exposed to the ever-changing marine environment. Staffed by experienced marine surveyors, engineers and other specialists, ACE MAS helps prevent and minimize losses.


  • Marine risk management specialists trained in many aspects of ocean marine surveying, from air/ocean cargo to commercial hull risks
  • Key professional marine organization memberships enhance ability to deal with emerging issues; such as:
    • State-of-the-art packaging
    • Unusual or port-handling capabilities
    • Cargo security
    • Quarantine/embargo considerations
  • Worldwide network


  • Cargo packing surveys to help minimize losses on shipments by land, air or sea.
  • Storage site inspections
  • Marine Facility inspections
  • Development of loss control programs for business owners
  • Technical assistance and information on various commodities shipped around the world; recommendations to help prevent losses.
  • Claims consultation services, working in conjunction with ACE Marine Claims & Recovery
  • Ask a Specialist to help answer technical questions about marine facilities.
  • Online Commercial Marine Library
  • Commercial Hull Services: full range of Vessel Surveys including Commercial Hull Condition and Valuation, Trip & Tow Surveys and Commercial Hull Damage, as well as Vessel Life Safety and Security Audits.
  • Marine Liabilities Survey and Inspection Services: Ship Repairer’s Legal Liability, Stevedore’s Legal Liability, Terminal Operators Liability and Wharfinger’s Legal Liability.
  • Project Cargoes: extensive expertise and global presence in managing safe movement of difficult cargoes, e.g.,  ultra high density (heavy lift), high cube, irregular configuration, supporting  clients' project management, engineering and logistics teams to minimize costly overruns and downtime due to damages during shipping and handling.
  • Cargo Protective Packaging Assessments (Import and Export): designed to help minimize losses on shipments by land, air or sea.
  • Cargo Load and Stow Surveys
  • Cargo Outturn and Delivery Condition Surveys
  • Heavy Lift Consultations
  • Air Cargo Loss Control Programs
  • Motor Cargo Legal Liability Loss Control Evaluations
  • Trade Route Risk Assessment
  • Storage site inspections and loss control programs
  • Technical assistance and information on various commodities shipped around the world, as well as recommended measures to help prevent losses. Online technical assistance from surveyors also available
  • Claims Consultation Services, working in conjunction with Marine Claims & Recovery
  • Targeted Risk Support: customized risk management support for clients with loss frequency and severity issues including loss trends and risk exposures analysis and identification of loss factors and solutions. Client support to implement loss prevention initiatives

Target Client

  • Domestic and multinational companies that engage in frequent import/export activity, ship unusual or distinctive products, and require specialized risk management services
  • Logistics companies requiring specialized marine transportation risk management services
  • Inland and coastal commercial vessel operators including passenger vessels, tug and barge operators, Terminal operators, charterer's, ship repairer's, and marine companies requiring high limit excess liability insurance

MAS Expertise

Proven experience, in-depth knowledge and background in:

  • U.S. Coast Guard regulations for commercial hulls
  • Storage site inspections and warehouse operations risk management
  • Marine Facility inspections and marina risk management
  • In-depth knowledge of commercial vessel operations and application of P&I loss control programs
  • Membership on technical committees
    • AIMU (American Institute of Marine Underwriters)
    • NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)
    • NCSC (National Cargo Security Council)
  • Participation in professional organizations
    • IAMI (International Association of Marine Investigators)
    • NAMS (National Association of Marine Surveyors)
    • ATA (Air Transport Association)

Disaster/Hurricane Preparedness

Marina and Yacht Club Guidelines to Prepare for Hurricane Season

  • Tailored hurricane preparation checklist for marina and yacht club owners and operators
  • Includes practices to assist in risk reduction for facilities, employees, and stored and non-owned vessels
  • Lists best practices to create Hurricane Emergency Action Plan
  • Actions to take in critical 72 hours before a hurricane strikes, as well as during and after hurricane
  • Lists key contacts for ACE Commercial Marine Region Underwriting, ACE Marine Facilities , ACE Marine Advisory Services (loss control) and ACE Marine Claims.

Disaster Planning and Hurricane Preparedness for Marine Industry 

  • General reference for policyholders with goods stored in geographic locations at high risk for  windstorms
  • Provides guidance in preparing for hurricanes
  • Includes “best practice” tips for before and during a hurricane
  • Lists key contacts for ACE Marine Advisory Services (loss control) and ACE Marine Claims