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Commercial Marine Loss Control and Marine Advisory Services

ACE understands the challenges our clients face when their property is exposed to the ever-changing marine environment. Staffed by experienced marine surveyors, engineers and other specialists, ACE’s Marine Advisory Services can help prevent and minimize losses.


  • Marine risk management specialists trained in many aspects of ocean marine surveying, from air/ocean cargo to commercial hull risks
  • Key professional marine organization memberships enhance the ability of these risk management specialists to deal with emerging issues, such as:
    • State-of-the-art packaging
    • Unusual or port-handling capabilities 
    • Cargo security 
    • Quarantine/embargo considerations 
  • Worldwide network
  • Experienced marine risk consultants in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Brazil and Mexico
  • Marine risk consultants experienced in all facets of marine transportation and facility risks, drawing on years of work experience as professional mariners and in the transport, engineering and logistics business sectors


  • Marine risk consulting services for U.S. domestic and worldwide exposures
  • Risk management consulting, field surveys and loss prevention reviews for cargo, hull, protection and indemnity, marine liabilities, marine facilities and inland marine risks such as motor truck cargo, warehouse legal and fine arts
  • Cargo loss prevention services: Comprehensive technical consultation, surveys and reviews of cargo susceptibilities, transport routes, packaging, supply chain logistics and cargo security. Specific services include: 
    • Cargo packing surveys and consultations
    • Claims consultation services
    • Cargo protective packaging assessments
    • Cargo load and stow surveys
    • Cargo outturn and delivery condition surveys
    • Heavy lift and project cargo consultations
    • Transit route risk assessments
  • Marine facility surveys and assessments, including:
    • Surveys of cargo storage risks (pre-storage, intermediate and long-term storage)
    • Marina and boat yard surveys and inspections
    • Warehouse, marine terminals, storage site inspections and related loss control programs
    • Natural hazard risk assessments of facility locations, including flood, earthquake and windstorm exposures
  • Commercial hull services: vessel surveys, including:
    • Commercial hull condition and valuation
    • Trip & tow
    • Commercial hull damage
    • Vessel life safety and protection and indemnity assessments
  • Marine liabilities survey and inspection services: including ship repairer’s legal liability, stevedore’s legal liability, terminal operators liability and wharfinger’s legal liability
  • Motor truck cargo legal liability loss control evaluations
  • Warehouse legal exposure reviews
  • Claims consultation services
  • Targeted risk support:
    • Customized risk management partnership with ongoing support for clients with an identified need for specialized loss control or clients with loss frequency and/or severity issues
    • Support services include loss trend and risk exposures analysis, identification of risk improvement opportunities and client support to implement loss prevention initiatives

Operators and insureds are responsible for safety and risk control. ACE is not responsible for ensuring the safety or risk control of any operation, and we are not required to make any inspections of any operations, although we may exercise our right to do so from time to time under the terms and conditions of our insurance policies. The provision of this content is for informational purposes only. We hereby disclaim any obligation to oversee or monitor any facility’s or insured’s adherence to any guidance or practices set out in this content, or to any other required or otherwise reasonable safety and risk control practices. This content is an overview only, and is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your insurance broker, or for legal, engineering, or other professional advice.

Target Client

  • Domestic and multinational companies that engage in frequent import/export activity, ship unusual or distinctive products and require specialized risk management services
  • Logistics and Transportation companies requiring specialized marine transportation risk management services
  • Inland and coastal commercial vessel operators, including passenger vessels, tug and barge operators, terminal operators, charterer's, ship repairer's and marine companies requiring high limit excess liability insurance
  • Marina operators, boatyards and boat builders

MAS Expertise

Proven experience, in-depth knowledge and background in:

  • U.S. Coast Guard regulations for commercial hulls
  • Storage site inspections and warehouse operations risk management
  • Marine Facility inspections and marina risk management
  • In-depth knowledge of commercial vessel operations and application of P&I loss control programs
  • Membership on technical committees
    • AIMU (American Institute of Marine Underwriters)
    • NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)
    • NCSC (National Cargo Security Council)
  • Participation in professional organizations
    • IAMI (International Association of Marine Investigators)
    • NAMS (National Association of Marine Surveyors)
    • ATA (Air Transport Association)