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Contractors Equipment Insurance

Contractors Equipment Coverage offers comprehensive insurance to meet the needs of clients in the construction industry with significant equipment fleets.


  • Experienced staff to tailor the program to a client's needs
  • Can combine with property coverage on one policy

Minimums & Limits

  • Minimums: $10,000 minimum premium
  • Minimum deductible varies based on type and size of risk, generally $1,000 to $5,000
  • Limits up to $100 million, excluding Catastrophe

Target Client

  • Various types of commercial, residential and engineering contractors and/or owners of significant equipment fleets, including but not limited to:
    • Airport operations
    • Concrete pumping
    • Directional drilling
    • Electrical
    • Iron and steel erection
    • Land clearing
    • Leasing operations (excluding cranes)
    • Pipeline
    • Street and road
    • Waste water
    • Water and sewer
  • Contractors or owners with significant equipment fleets and a need for insurance coverage with a carrier that can respond flexibly.
  • Contractor or owner with an active and comprehensive equipment maintenance and property preservation program and a desire to partner with an insurer holding specialized expertise in construction.

Restricted Classes

  • Crane leasing or rental operations


Submission Requirements

  • ACORD or similar application to include a description of operations, schedule of values, 5 year loss history and coverage/limits requirements


  • Comprehensive coverage that can be combined with real and personal property if needed
  • Automatic Extensions of Coverage, sub-limits provided for:
    • Debris Removal Expense
    • Newly Acquired Contractors Equipment
    • Pollutant Clean-Up
    • Fire Department Service Charge
    • Fire Protection Services
    • Expendable Supplies
    • Expediting Expenses
    • Office and Construction Trailers (and their contents)
    • Recovery Expenses
  • Coverage Options are available for:
    • Rental Expense
    • Leased or Rented Contractors Equipment
    • Employees' Tools
    • Unscheduled Mobile Equipment
  • Replacement Cost Valuation on Covered Property (not more than 5 years old)
  • No Overload Exclusion
  • Endorsements available for Waterborne Coverage