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Liability Claim Management Services

ESIS performs claims management services for a broad spectrum of standard casualty insurance products, including general liability, automobile liability, product liability, professional liability, and medical malpractice.


  • Team of specialists handling automobile liability, general liability, and product liability bodily injury claims
  • Internal center specializing in quick resolution of routine premises-operations claims
  • Special Investigation Unit to deal with suspected insurance fraud
  • Automobile, truck, and heavy equipment appraisal services facility specializing in physical damage management
  • National catastrophe team
  • Offices specializing in the handling of construction claims

Service Enhancements:

  • Factual investigation — our plan of action is based on best practices, then tailored to the specific requirements of your claim
  • Damage investigation — we carefully examine the injury or property damage to determine how we proceed to evaluation and negotiation or denial
  • Evaluation — we recognize that evaluating every facet of the claim and establishing a dollar value for settlement is critical