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We offer product recall coverage for component parts, consumer goods and consumable products with the flexibility to underwrite over 400 different classes of business.  Coverage is available for a broad range of segments, including small, middle market, large and global accounts.


Product Recall: Big Challenge for Small Business
Rough Notes, May 2015
Product Recalls are a daunting challenge for large firms and can be potentially devastating for small businesses. ACE's Florian Beerli discusses how ACE's new extended ACE Recall PlusSM for Small Business can help small businesses cope with these challenges.

5 Reasons to Purchase Product Recall Insurance
Property Casualty 360°, July 2014
ACE’s Florian Beerli, Senior Vice President, Product Recall, examines five critical factors corporate risk managers should analyze when considering the risk of a product recall event.

Product Recalls - It Can Happen to You, January 2014
ACE's Florian Beerli discusses how planning ahead can protect your brand and balance sheet.

Comprehensive Recall Protection, Inside and Out, June 2013
ACE’s Florian Beerli comments on product recalls and the liabilities presented for many industries that serve consumers directly.