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Customer Testimonials

"I'm a retired insurance company executive with thirty five years of experience in the industry. I am keenly aware that most policyholders call or write to complain rather than praise. In your case, I want to offer deserved praise. My claims experience was handled perfectly by your company. From first report to claims payment everyone was very professional and genuinely interested in helping me repair the storm damage to my home. The turnaround time was superior and the terms of the settlement were both accurate and fair."  —  J. Coulter, Jr., Overland Park, KS

"First of all THANK YOU! I can't thank you enough for all your help with my water disaster. The first check arrived before the walls and ceilings were all fixed! With all the money going out, it was really nice to have some coming in. Also, thank you for Friday. I called in the morning to tell you that my condo association was sticking me with their $2,500 deductible. You called me back at 4:30 to tell me a check was in the mail. You are truly amazing! No one gets that kind of service from their insurance company."  —  L. Snyderman, Stamford, CT

"I received a telephone call from my mother-in-law this morning. She was reporting about how her kitchen is now completed and how pleased she was with the quality of the work, the timeliness of the work, and most especially, the caring and prompt response she received from your company. She could not say enough good things about how you handled this claim and how much she appreciated your consideration throughout the process. You have made a difficult time easier by your prompt and efficient handling of the claim."  —  J. Marshall, Rockville, MD

"This letter shall serve as a testament to the excellent and professional claims service I received from your company when my car was damaged. I found your representative to be highly knowledgeable and responsive, consistently friendly, and genuinely interested in my concerns. I always felt that your company viewed my satisfaction as being in their best interest. Thank you for making my experience a pleasant one." —  M. Trammel, Lenexa, KS

"I think that what ACE Private Risk Services is doing is phenomenal.  Insurance - you can't live with it, you can't live without it - and what these ACE people have done really is above and beyond."  Read more about what a prominent ACE client said in a USET Foundation News article about the death of six horses in a barn fire.