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Claims Services

Superb Claims Service

When you have a claim, we have our best opportunity to demonstrate the superb quality of our coverage and service. That’s why we ask every customer who has had a claim to assess our performance. The consistent result: 97 percent would refer us to their friends or family. The reasons include:

  • Expertise and fairness. Whether you have a loss involving imported marble flooring in your dining room, a collection of rare impressionist paintings, or a personal liability lawsuit that threatens a substantial portion of your net worth, we have the expertise to properly recognize and fairly establish a value for your claim.
  • Speed and transparency. No matter when disaster strikes—even 3 a.m. on a holiday weekend—simply call our toll-free number. We can have a clean-up crew to most homes within two hours of an emergency. We can help you find and manage repair services. And, we can pay settled claims within hours through our electronic funds transfer (EFT) program. Throughout the process, we make every step as transparent and as easy as possible for you.


Guard Against Tax Refund Fraud

Read these steps to help prevent tax refund identity fraud, a rapidly growing problem.

If you think you may be at risk, ask for the complimentary services of ID Resolution by calling 800-945-7461, option 1.

Our claims representative will validate your status as a policyholder and then transfer you directly to a specialist at ID Resolution. Using the services does not count as a claim.

Save with Our Unique Deductible Reserve

Choose a deductible of $2,500 or more on your home policy or $1,000 or more on your auto policy, and we will credit 10 percent of the amount to a "reserve" each year that you have no claims on that policy. The reserve effectively reduces your deductible payment once you do have a claim.

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