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Disaster Recovery Plan

The Disaster Recovery PlanSM offers protection from financial disaster when displaced from your home for more than 48 hours because of unexpected damage.


  • Disaster Recovery PlanSM helps fill in the gaps when disaster strikes and your home becomes unlivable for 48 hours or longer
  • Pays your monthly mortgage for up to two full years while your home is being repaired
  • Pays up to $250,000 towards the outstanding balance of your mortgage should the land be condemned
  • Pays your insurance deductible up to $1,000
  • Pays Emergency Cash benefits up to $1,500 a month during rebuilding

You may think that your homeowner's policy provides coverage for your monthly mortgage payment. But chances are — it does NOT.

Additional Information

Many homeowners are NOT aware of the limitations of their homeowner's policy. For instance, it may not pay your monthly mortgage payment if your home is damaged or destroyed by a disaster.1 In other words, even if you are unable to live in your home,2 YOU are still responsible for paying your monthly mortgage.
Please check your homeowner's policy to see if your mortgage payment is protected. If not, take corrective action immediately by enrolling in the Disaster Recovery PlanSM. Here's a look at how this affordable insurance plan protects you in ways that your homeowner's insurance may not:

Benefit Disaster Recovery Plan Most Homeowners Insurance
Pays your monthly mortgage payments for up to two years Yes Check your policy
Pays the balance on your mortgage if your home is permanently uninhabitable due to a disaster after any other applicable insurance is applied3 Yes Check your policy
Pays your homeowners policy deductible up to twice a year, with a maximum benefit of $1,0004 Yes No


Think about it: if you're not able to live in your home, you are still obligated to pay your monthly mortgage payment. The reality is — more than likely — your homeowners insurance will not cover your mortgage payment.

We advise you to give this opportunity your consideration. If you have any questions, call ACE's toll-free number: 1-800-234-7354. Knowledgeable representatives will do an excellent job of clearly explaining the benefits of this important insurance coverage.

1. Limitations: With DRP, any natural or household disaster that causes damage to the structure of your home is covered except for the following: war; events affecting or causing allergies; constant or intermittent noise; pollution/contamination; normal wear & tear and/or deterioration; settling, shrinking, bulging or expansion; riot; neglect; vandalism (if residence is unoccupied more than 60 days); interruption of power from off-premises source; pre-existing conditions; intentional loss; seizure, destruction, or confiscation by any governmental or public authority; faulty, inadequate or defective work or repairs.

2. Coverage applies to primary residences only. Rental properties, mobile homes and manufactured homes are not eligible for coverage.

3. Up to a maximum of $250,000 or your current loan balance, whichever is less. Permanently uninhabitable coverage is excess insurance meaning any other insurance that can be applied to pay off the mortgage will be used first. Permanently uninhabitable coverage only applies in the event of condemnation of the land or movement of the land on which your property exists which permanently prohibits repair or reconstruction.

4. Actual benefit amount is based upon your homeowners policy deductible when a disaster forces you from your home for 48 hours or longer.



Why do I need the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) when I already have homeowners insurance?

DRP isn't homeowners insurance. It is designed to protect you - not your home - financially and fill the gaps in whatever protection you now have. For example, if a fire forced you out of your home, a standard homeowners policy may not pay anything to cover your monthly mortgage payment. DRP will pay your mortgage payment for up to two full years when a disaster forces you from your home for 48 hours or longer AND will pay off your mortgage balance up to $250,0001 if your house is declared permanently uninhabitable and condemned.

1 Up to a maximum of $250,000 or your current loan balance, whichever is less. Permanently uninhabitable coverage is excess insurance meaning any other insurance that can be applied to pay off the mortgage will be used first. Permanently uninhabitable coverage only applies in the event of condemnation of the land or the movement of the land on which the property exists which permanently prohibits repair or reconstruction

Does the disaster have to be "declared" in order for me to collect benefits?

Absolutely not! You can collect your valuable benefits whether the disaster is a self-contained house fire, for example, or a natural disaster such as a hurricane or an earthquake that covers a broad geographical area.

How do I apply for the Disaster Recovery Plan?

Simply call the toll-free number listed or complete online enrollment process.

When does this coverage take effect?

After you enroll, your coverage typically is effective within 60 days. Your effective date will appear on your certificate of insurance which is sent to you within 7-14 business days of your enrollment.

Can the premium you quoted me increase if I file a claim?

No. Your premium will not increase if you file a claim. However, since your premium is based on your monthly mortgage payment at the time of enrollment, your premium may change if your monthly mortgage payment changes (for example, if you refinance your mortgage for a lower payment). Otherwise, the only way your premium can change is if it is changed for everyone insured in your class. The same is true of your benefits. They cannot be individually changed.

Can I cancel the Disaster Recovery Plan at any time?

YES! Your Certificate of Insurance will come in the mail. Read your Certificate in the convenience and privacy of your home. Show it to a trusted advisor or financial counselor. If you are not 100% convinced that the Disaster Recovery Plan is right for you, right for your budget, too, simply call ACE USA at 1-800-234-7354 at any time and your coverage will be canceled.

Customer Testimonials

"ACE helped me out during Katrina and I appreciate it. It was a lifesaver. I only had my house for less than three years and being out of my house that long and paying for a place to stay was incredible. Having ACE was big help because they picked up where my insurance left off."


"I had a claim because a water pipe busted. I had to replace the carpet and the pipe. In order to replace the pipe I had to tear out the wall. It was damage of several thousand dollars. ACE paid my deductible without any question and very quickly. The customer service was good too."


"I have been highly impressed with the people that represent ACE and truly satisfied. I live in Florida and have been since I graduated college, so I know a lot about hurricanes and the need for insurance against hurricanes. ACE has come to my rescue on more than one occasion. ACE is prompt and professional and I would recommend ACE to anyone who needs extra protection for his or her home."


"We had a big windstorm one night, and it threw a boat across the yard. We heard a loud noise, and a big tree had fallen. It broke our fence, knocked the rest of it down, and split the boat in two. It also pushed our brick patio 6 inches sideways. It tore part of our roof off. It broke a water line. ACE responded very quickly, and we were very pleased. I called them up, and they sent someone out in just a couple of days. We had no problems dealing with the representative, he was very good. I would highly recommend ACE to anyone."