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Recognized as experts on the complex insurance needs of families with substantial assets, ACE Private Risk Services executives are frequently quoted in the press.

11/18/15, ThinkAdvisor
As the global art market expands, the sheer volume of art exchanging hands heightens the risk of improper handling and accidental damage. M. Impey discusses four steps collectors should take to ensure that their artwork is protected during each step of the buying, selling and shipping process.

10/14/15, ThinkAdvisor
J. Streem suggests steps homeowners can take now to help safeguard their home in advance of the cold winter months.

D. Hostetter discusses the unique and complex risks that come with owning a mega yacht.

J. Streem suggests how to best protect your home from a tornado.

7/10/15, Private Wealth

C. Douglas explains how volunteering as a charitable board member can expose high net worth individuals to personal liability lawsuits and then outlines what they can do to protect themselves.

5/15/15, Financial Planning

M. Boyd speaks about the unique liability and valuable collections insurance concerns for financially successful families.

5/6/15, WindCheck

J. Wenz explains the benefits of having your boat or yacht inspected by a marine surveyor.

4/22/15, ThinkAdvisor

J. Streem and M. Impey discuss the top three causes of fine art losses and explain how advisors can address this blind spot in their clients’ asset protection plans.

4/1/15, Private Wealth

This article highlights ACE’s acquisition of Fireman’s Fund’s personal insurance business, quoting J. Andrade.


J. Andrade discusses ACE’s acquisition of Fireman’s Fund’s personal insurance business.

4/1/15, Canadian Underwriter

J. Hasley and A. Hollenberg comment on ACE’s new HNW personal insurance capabilities in Canada.

4/1/15, Best’s Insurance News

This article features ACE’s acquisition of Fireman’s Fund personal insurance business. 


M. Boyd discusses the dangers of tax refund identity theft and how advisors can help their HNW clients protect themselves.

2/13/15, ThinkAdvisor
M. Boyd explains how wealth advisors can help their clients address the many risks involved in renovating a luxury home.

12/11/14, The Wall Street Journal
D. Spencer comments on services to address financially successful families’ growing concerns about security.

12/10/14, The Wall Street Journal
J. Sherlock discusses how collectors can protect their art as record-setting art auction sales dramatize the increased role of collections in personal net worth.

12/1/14, The Business Journal
B. Courtemanche and an ACE independent agent discuss the unique risks confronting financially successful individuals and the specialized advice and coverage they require.

12/1/14, Private Wealth
D. Spencer suggests steps that affluent individuals can take before hosting a holiday party to minimize liability risks.

11/21/14, Kiplinger's
J. Streem suggests ways to help prepare your home from top to bottom for winter weather.

J. Sherlock explains how art collectors and their wealth advisors can keep a collection safe and properly insured.

11/18/14, ThinkAdvisor
D. Spencer recommends three strategies for addressing property and casualty insurance issues that can arise with the formation of trusts and LLCs during the estate planning process.

10/10/14, PropertyCasualty360
This article quotes B. Courtemanche and cites ACE’s white paper about the risks wealthy families face when they renovate their home.

M. Boyd explains the importance of working with your financial advisor and insurance agent before, during, and after a home renovation, and what to be aware of in the process.

9/21/14, The Wall Street Journal
This article quotes B. Courtemanche and cites ACE data about how investors often fail to properly manage and insure their valuable collections.

9/10/14, The Wall Street Journal
B. Courtemanche discusses security measures wealthy families can take to help protect their reputations and personal information when engaging in social media and other online activities.

7/22/14, ThinkAdvisor
G. Raphael explains how advisors can deepen client relationships by talking about four loss prevention strategies for protecting clients’ valuable collections.

M. Boyd suggests seven ways advisors can help their HNW clients manage and protect their valuable collections.

7/11/14, Private Wealth
D. Spencer discusses strategies for wealth advisors to help their HNW clients manage insurance premiums and strengthen their protection.

7/10/14, PropertyCasualty360
B. Welther suggests how agents can help educate and prepare homeowners for hurricane season.

M. Boyd discusses how insurance can become a “blind spot” for individuals as their wealth grows and suggests ways that wealth advisors can help clients recognize and address gaps in protection.

6/10/14, Private Asset Management
ACE’s D. Spencer and insurance broker Marsh’s P. Radsch explain the importance of aligning property and casualty insurance with estate planning strategies, especially regarding trusts and LLCs.

5/19/14, The Wall Street Journal
B. Courtemanche speaks about risk management for financially successful families.

5/19/14, Independent Agent
D. Spencer discuss trends in the classic car market and the unique risks that must be addressed with very large collections.

5/12/14, Property Casualty 360
D. Spencer discusses four tips financially successful families can use to spring clean their insurance.

5/5/14, Kiplinger's
B. Welther offers suggestions for keeping your family, home, and personal belongings safe during storm season.

4/29/14, ThinkAdvisor
M. Boyd suggests four ways advisors can protect their clients from tax refund identity theft, a growing threat for financially successful individuals.

2/21/14, MarketWatch
D. Spencer discusses five top ways financially successful families can save on premium to maximize the value of their personal insurance program.

2/21/14, Property Casualty 360
This article features five strategies proposed by ACE that financially successful individuals can follow to regain savings opportunities and ensure adequate coverage.

2/14/14, Fox Business
D. Spencer explains why insuring a valuable gift properly is an additional way to show you care on top of the gift itself.

2/11/14, ThinkAdvisor
ACE’s G. Raphael and Trov’s S. Walchek list seven steps wealth advisors and their HNW clients should take to value and manage valuable collections and other tangible assets.

2/4/14, Kiplinger
D. Spencer explains the basics of an umbrella liability policy and the risks to consider when deciding how much coverage to buy.

12/29/13, The Wall Street Journal
B. Courtemanche discusses the importance of getting a personal insurance checkup as a key New Year’s resolution for putting your finances in order.

12/23/13, ThinkAdvisor
This article features key conclusions from ACE's and Trov’s white paper on the blind spot HNW families have in managing tangible assets.

12/20/13, CBS MoneyWatch
D. Spencer discusses the liability risks of holiday entertaining and offers tips to protect yourself.

G. Raphael discusses the increased liability risk often overlooked by people who suddenly acquire great wealth.

11/12/13, Property Casualty 360
This slide show article features the seven steps for managing tangible assets listed in a white paper from ACE and Trov.

10/12/13, New York Times
B. Courtemanche discusses how to address liability risks arising from the employment of domestic staff.

9/20/13, ThinkAdvisor
D. Spencer presents 10 questions agents and advisors should ask to help their HNW clients avoid overpaying to be underinsured.

8/30/13, ThinkAdvisor
D. Spencer explains the personal liability issues that arise when kids go off to college.

7/26/13, ThinkAdvisor
D. Spencer discusses the injury and liability risks associated with recreational vehicles, such as ATVs, golf carts, and personal watercraft.

6/19/13, AdvisorOne
J. Hageman explains how volunteering as a board member of a charity can expose personal assets to the threat of liability lawsuits brought against the organization.

6/10/13, MSN Money
D. Spencer explains why financially successful individuals must be especially careful about guarding against personal liability lawsuits. (See reason #5 in the article.)

6/2/13, Newsday
B. Welther suggests how to minimize liability risk associated with summer entertaining and recreational vehicles.

5/24/13, Fox Business
D. Spencer points our several aspects of homeowners insurance that deserve extra attention to help ensure proper coverage at the time of loss.

5/22/13, Investing Daily
This article features key conclusions from ACE's white paper about how high net worth families overpay to be underinsured.

5/17/13, Fox Business
D. Spencer offers important insurance considerations at different stages in life.

5/2/13, Fox Business
B. Welther explains how to guard against identity fraud online and ways to recover if you fall victim to this crime.

4/17/13, AdvisorOne
G. Raphael describes six major threats to consider when renovating your home. 

J. Sherlock and G. Raphael offer ideas for protecting your possessions when you move them from one home to another. 

3/18/13, MarketWatch
M. Boyd explains how high net worth families who have policies from mass-market carriers often overpay to be underinsured.

3/12/13, AdvisorOne
This article summarizes the findings in ACE's new white paper about how high net worth families overpay to be underinsured. 

2/20/13, AdvisorOne
T. Guerriero explains the difference in how standard and high net worth carriers help their clients with additional living expenses while their home is being rebuilt after a natural disaster, like Superstorm Sandy. 

1/4/13, Private Wealth
D. Spencer discusses 10 steps on personal insurance that people in or near retirement should take to protect wealth and manage expenses.

12/21/12, Fox Business
G. Raphael suggests ways college students can protect themselves from identity theft during the holiday season.

12/20/12, AdvisorOne
D. Spencer explains how some umbrella liability policies provide special benefits that address the time, stress, and expense of dealing with a costly lawsuit.

12/18/12, Fox Business
B. Welther suggests how people migrating to warmer climates for the winter can better secure the homes and valuable collections they leave behind.

This article cites ACE’s research and quotes M. Boyd about how people in or near retirement often underinsure against liability lawsuits and property damage, exposing themselves to financial loss just when they have less time to recover.

11/16/12, Huffington Post
G. Raphael discusses how installing an automatic standby generator can minimize disruption and potential damage to your home from a severe storm and extended power outage. 

11/12/12, AdvisorOne
G. Raphael explains ways to protect your financial data from the growing amount of online hacking incidents at financial institutions.

11/1/12, Private Wealth
Private Wealth cites ACE's survey showing that many high net worth individuals lack adequate coverage for their valuable collections. 

10/29/12, The Wall Street Journal
This article cites ACE Private Risk Services' research about investment diversification as a motivation for collecting rare motorcycles, watches, stamps and other precious items.

10/26/12, AOL Real Estate
As Hurricane Sandy heads up the East Coast, D. Tomlinson describes ways to protect your home and property from damage.

10/19/12, AdvisorOne
This article discusses 13 steps for wealth protection and expense management as mentioned in ACE Private Risk Services’ new ‘Retire with Confidence’ white paper.

10/12/12, AdvisorOne
D. Spencer points out five surprising benefits in insurance policies geared to high net worth families.

9/21/12, Fox Business
D. Spencer suggests steps parents should take to address liability concerns when their children attend college.

9/18/12, AdvisorOne
G. Raphael explains five top personal security risks that families with substantial assets need to address.

B. Welther suggests steps for dealing with identity theft involving the fraudulent reactivation of closed bank accounts. 

9/13/12, Reuters
B. Welther explains how college students can become victims of identity theft and offers ways they can protect themselves. 

With Hurricane Isaac bearing down on New Orleans, D. Tomlinson shares safety measures families should take to protect their home and property.

8/14/12, AdvisorOne
D. Spencer discusses the potential to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year in homeowners insurance premium by raising the deductible amount.

8/1/12, Private Asset Management
G. Raphael explains how wealthy families can enhance their personal security in a roundtable discussion including The Guidry Group and ID Resolution.

7/29/12, Property Casualty 360
This article by an attorney cites ACE's research about the risk of not having enough liability insurance to protect against high stakes lawsuits.

D. Spencer points out that having deductible amounts that are too low and not insuring fine art, jewelry, and other valuable collections with a valuables policy are two of the most common money mistakes people make.

7/5/12, AdvisorOne
D. Spencer discusses five traits of a wealthy lifestyle that can lead to costly personal liability lawsuits.

7/3/12, MarketWatch
M. Boyd explains how to save thousands of dollars over the course of a few years by raising the amount of the deductible on your homeowners insurance policy.

6/18/12, Fox Business
B. Welther discusses steps parents can take to protect their children from becoming a victim of identity fraud.

6/1/12, Forbes
M. Boyd discusses the potential for substantial savings by increasing your homeowners policy deductible and installing the latest home safety systems.

5/23/12, Bloomberg
This article cites ACE's research about the threat of high stakes personal liability lawsuits and quotes M. Boyd about the affordability of umbrella liability insurance. 

5/17/12, AdvisorOne
After "The Scream" by Edward Munch sells for a record $120 million, G. Raphael explains the importance of having a system for tracking the value of an art collection and keeping insurance coverage up to date. 

5/16/12, Private Wealth
This article describes ACE Private Risk Services' launch of comprehensive identity protection and fraud resolution services for its clients. 

B. Courtemanche explains why the assets and lifestyles of high net worth families expose them to many different types of liability lawsuits, including those brought by household staff for wrongful employment practices. 

M. Boyd discusses ACE's recent research showing that high net worth families increasingly worry about being sued but still underestimate the risk and often lack adequate personal liability insurance. 

4/16/12, CNBC
A CNBC news segment on managing your retirement features ACE's research about areas where high net worth individuals are likely underinsured, threatening their comfortable lifestyle. 

4/14/12, AdvisorOne
J. Sherlock discusses the unique risks and rewards of collecting fine wine, including three steps to properly insure and protect wine collections against physical damage. 

4/13/12, Financial Planning
Financial Planning features a slideshow on five tips for managing your home, auto, liability, and valuable collections insurance during retirement based on ACE's research. 

3/14/12, MarketWatch
B. Courtemanche notes that high net worth families are often inadequately protecting themselves against high stakes liability lawsuits, even though they increasingly fear that their wealth alone makes them a target. 

3/13/12, AdvisorOne
D. Spencer explains why wealthy families worry that their assets make them a target for liability lawsuits but nevertheless often lack the proper types and amounts of liability insurance. 

3/8/12, Family Office Review
J. Sherlock talks about the need to properly track and protect private art collections, especially as such collections are increasingly  being used for investment diversification purposes. 

3/5/12, Forbes
B. Courtemanche discusses ACE's survey showing that high net worth families increasingly fear being the target of a costly liability lawsuit but often fail to adequately protect themselves. 

3/5/12, Financial Advisor
This article cites ACE's survey of high net worth families about liability lawsuits -- a danger many remain poorly prepared for in spite of their rising concern that their wealth alone makes them a target. 

2/15/12, AdvisorOne
G. Raphael discusses safety devices and insurance coverage that can guard against costly and disruptive damage from water leaks and sewer and drain backups. 

D. Spencer stresses the importance of umbrella liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage for luxury car owners. 

1/17/12, AdvisorOne
D. Spencer suggests the top four issues high net worth individuals should address in an insurance checkup to start the new year. 

12/13/11, AdvisorOne
J. Hageman writes about the liability risks of volunteering as a board member or trustee of a charitable organization.

12/12/11, Reuters
This article cites ACE's study on "passionate investing" and quotes G. Raphael about the need to protect collections as they are increasingly used for investment diversification, not just enjoyment.

12/1/11, Financial Planning
B. Courtemanche discusses the importance of understanding the difference between market value and replacement cost when insuring a home, keeping jewelry coverage up to date, and preventing costly water damage.

11/15/11, AdvisorOne
G. Raphael discusses how to properly vet the backgrounds of domestic staff and contractors to help protect your family from identify fraud, theft, or worse.

10/14/11, Barron's
G. Raphael explains the importance of proper insurance and safety measures to protect fine art, jewelry, wine, and other valuable collections from damage, deterioration, and theft.

10/13/11, AdvisorOne
This article discusses ACE Private Risk Services' new Home Contents Valuation Service, an industry breakthrough in helping homeowners and their agents choose enough personal property coverage. 

10/11/11, AdvisorOne
G. Raphael explains the importance of managing the risks of "passionate" investing as wealthy families increasingly use their valuable collections as a means of asset diversification.

9/28/11, Private Wealth
Based on a study commissioned by ACE Private Risk Services, this article notes that wealthy families are increasingly relying on their valuable collections for investment diversification, yet many fail to adequately use insurance and loss prevention techniques to protect their collections from physical damage, theft, and improper title.

9/20/11, MarketWatch
G. Raphael and B. Courtemanche discuss the trend towards passionate investing in fine art, jewelry, wine and other valuable items, and emphasize the need to adequately protect these collections from damage, theft, and other risks.

9/16/11, Forbes
B. Courtemanche discusses the need to schedule jewelry on a valuables policy and then keep the listed values current, considering the recent appreciation in the prices of precious metals and gemstones.

B. Courtemanche explains why the rising prices of gold and other jewelry materials make it especially important to keep insurance coverage amounts up to date.

8/26/11, Reuters
D. Tomlinson and B. Courtemanche offer insurance and safety tips for owners of high value homes to guard against damage from hurricanes and other natural disasters.

8/23/11, USET Foundation News
A prominent ACE client praises ACE's claims service after six horses die in a barn fire. ACE makes a donation to the United States Equestrian Team Foundation.

8/15/11, AdvisorOne
G. Raphael discusses the dangers in confusing the market value of a home with the amount of coverage it requires for insurance.

7/15/11, The New York Times
B. Courtemanche explains the importance of protecting valuable sport memorabilia, such as the baseball from Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit, from wear and tear.

7/12/11, AdvisorOne
J. Paolini discusses why others' lack of adequate insurance on the road and at home can threaten the assets of high net worth families.

7/1/11, Private Wealth
G. Raphael offers 10 steps collectors can take to help protect their most precious items from an array of physical hazards.

6/17/11, AdvisorOne
J. Paolini explains how geographic spread of risk and the ability to accept high levels of risk can help high net worth families trim costs, boost protection.

5/17/11, AdvisorOne
J. Paolini notes that jewelry collections may be underinsured if owners have not adjusted coverage amounts to account for the rise in the prices of gold, platinum, and silver.

4/19/11, AdvisorOne
J. Paolini discusses how wealth advisors can help affluent consumers find a qualified insurance agent or broker.

4/18/11, Fox Business
B. Courtemanche discusses how affluent consumers often over-insure against minor threats and under-insure against major ones, especially liability lawsuits.

3/16/11, AdvisorOne
J. Paolini identifies 10 questions that can help wealth advisors determine if their clients are likely over-paying to be under-insured.

G. Raphael discusses how investors often overlook risks to the valuable collections they acquire.

2/14/11, AdvisorOne
B. Courtemanche discusses a strategic approach to risk and insurance for wealth managers and their clients.

2/1/11, Worth Magazine
J. Paolini and B. Courtemanche discuss the need to adjust coverage for jewelry collections to account for the rapid price appreciation of gold, silver and platinum.

1/1/11, Private Wealth
J. Paolini discusses the need to update coverage for jewelry collections to reflect the rising prices of gold, silver and platinum.  

12/6/10, FinanceTech
B. Courtemanche discusses the selection of Accenture Claims Components to help further differentiate ACE's superb claims service for high net worth customers.

11/17/10, Forbes
M. McConnell discusses auto and umbrella liability insurance buying tips. 

11/10/10, Reuters
B. Courtemanche discusses ACE's focus on serving affluent and high net worth customers as the market take notice.

10/31/10, Investment News
C. Wetteland discusses how the lack of adequate liability coverage is the #1 problem for wealthy clients. 

10/25/10, Insurance Journal
B. Courtemanche discusses the unique needs of high net worth clients and the areas where they are likely under-insured.

8/1/10, Private Asset Management
C. Wetteland discusses five steps for getting the best protection from your insurance agent. 

8/1/10, Worth Magazine
G. Raphael and B. Courtemanche discuss loss prevention services as a distinctive component of superior insurance programs.  

7/1/10, Private Asset Management
C. Wetteland discusses how wealthy clients are reevaluating insurance plans following the economic downturn. 

6/25/10, New York Times
B. Courtemanche and risk consultant D. Tomlinson comment on preparing homes to withstand natural disasters.

6/9/10, Forbes
B. Courtemanche discusses how affluent consumers often over-pay to be under-insured. Results of an ACE survey are featured.

6/1/10, Independent Agent
B. Courtemanche discusses the benefits and importance of special insurance for vintage cars and other collectible items. 

B. Courtemanche discusses liability, home, and valuables protection.  Listen to webcast.

4/1/10, Worth Magazine
B. Courtemanche discusses protection from the threat of financially ruinous liability lawsuits. 

1/1/10, Best's Review
J. Paolini discusses the benefits of the annual risk review.