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White Papers

Managing the Risks of Employing Domestic Staff - October 2015

Financially successful families often employ domestic staff to make their busy lives easier to manage, but they can inadvertently achieve the opposite if they do not follow proper employment methods. The risks of labor law violations, worker injury, discrimination and harassment lawsuits, theft, and personal physical harm must be considered. This white paper explains how families can avoid mistakes and ensure a safe and smooth running household.


Managing Home Renovation Risks for High Net Worth Homeowners - September 2014

An increasing number of families in recent years have been investing in the renovation of their homes, but too many do not fully appreciate the range of risks involved – from unreliable contractors and worksite injuries to property loss, lawsuits, and family safety threats. Owners of high-value, custom-built homes can be especially at risk. This white paper identifies how families and their wealth advisors can mitigate the potential problems that could arise.


Breakthroughs in Managing Tangible Assets: Completing the Picture of Wealth - November 2013

Tangible assets, such as fine art, wine, jewelry, and classic cars, have finally been recognized as an asset class in their own right. But poor documentation and valuation often create insurance, tax, and estate planning issues for families. This white paper explores the challenges of tangible asset management and presents seven steps for addressing them.


Wealth at Risk: How High Net Worth Families Overpay to Be Underinsured - March 2013 

By failing to update their personal insurance program to reflect the wealth they have built, many high net worth families have insurance policies full of wasteful spending and dangerous gaps in coverage. This white paper identifies the key areas of overspending and underinsuring based on a survey of more than 600 insurance advisors.  It shows how families can take advantage of savings opportunities and strengthen coverage to achieve more effective protection, often without a significant increase in premiums.


Retire with Confidence: How to Structure a Personal Insurance Program - October 2012

Retire with Confidence: How to Structure a Personal Insurance ProgramFinancially successful couples and individuals in or near retirement face some of the most complex decisions about insurance at any time in their lives. To help financial advisors and their clients choose a course of action, this white paper presents 13 steps to strengthen wealth protection and reduce expenses when working with an independent agent or broker on a personal insurance program.


Targeting the Rich: Liability Lawsuits and the Threat to Families with Emerging and Established Wealth - March 2012

Wealthy families increasingly worry that their wealth alone makes them a target for a high-stakes liability lawsuit in this uncertain economy, according to a survey commissioned by ACE. But many remain poorly prepared for such lawsuits in spite of their concern. ACE proposes a five-point plan to help them understand and reduce the threat.


Passionate Investing on the Rise: Spotlight on Asset Protection for Collectors Insurance - September 2011

According to a recent survey commissioned by ACE, many wealthy households intend to increase spending on their valuable collections over the next 12 months. It therefore becomes increasingly important for families and their wealth advisors to understand the risks involved with this unique type of investment.


Survey on Passionate Investing by Wealthy Households - September 2011

This survey commissioned by ACE reveals insights into passionate investing by financially successful individuals and families - what they collect, why they collect and how well they protect their collections of fine art, wine, jewelry and other distinctive items.


From Passion to Investment: Asset Protection Strategies for Collectors - November 2010 

Collections Managementment coverAn increasing number of affluent consumers are turning their passions for fine art, fine wine, and other collectibles into more than a hobby.  They’re turning their passions into a means of diversifying their investment portfolios. And yet, many do not devote the same time and effort to managing the risks encountered with prized collections that they devote to traditional investments.


Does Your Valuables Coverage Meet the Gold Standard? - August 2010 

Valuable Coverage Gold Standard - coverIn the past ten years, gold and other precious metals have appreciated more than most other asset classes,and many experts agree these soaring prices are unlikely to bottom out soon. Unfortunately, many affluent consumers who own gold jewelry and other items made with precious metals have not adjusted their insurance coverage to keep pace with this sharp increase in value.


Wealth at Risk: How Affluent Consumers Over-Pay to Be Under-Insured - June 2010
The unprecedented destruction of wealth due to the financial crisis and its lingering effects have forced affluent consumers and even the super rich to do something they rarely like to do—take a hard look at their personal insurance program.  Many discover that the policies they’ve had in place year after year are not only full of wasteful spending but plagued by dangerous gaps in coverage, as well.


Reducing Vulnerability to Crime from Those You Trust: Strategies for the Wealthy - September 2009 

Vulnerability to Crime coverPublished research and anecdotal evidence indicate that the affluent are more vulnerable to a range of crimes perpetrated by financial advisers, contractors and domestic employees than average income earners. Such crimes include so-called Ponzi schemes, identity fraud, property theft, and kidnapping and ransom, among others. These risks can be reduced through specialized background screening services. High net worth individuals are also advised to secure broader insurance coverage with higher limits of financial protection.