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Reporting Recreational Marine Claims

It is important to report a claim as soon as possible after a loss, accident or injury occurs.  Please follow the instructions below.



You may report your claim in one of two ways:

    1. Contact your agent or broker, who will take your information and immediately notify ACE Marine Claims on your behalf; 


    1. Contact ACE Marine Claims directly using the toll-free number: 800 945-7461 (or fax information to: 877 746-4619).


Agents & Brokers

Report claims by phone, fax or email to our Marine Claims Department:

Phone: 800 945-7461 (Elite Yacht Policies: 877 375-7545)
Fax: 877 746-4619


Mailing Address

Any claim documents sent by regular mail may be addressed to:

ACE USA Claims
P.O. Box 5117
Scranton, PA 18505-0547

Agent Claim Procedures

Document Name Size Date
Claims Procedures for Yachts and Boats.pdf 0 KB 11/03/2015
Claims Procedures for Elite MegaYachts.pdf 0 KB 11/03/2015

Claims Info Needed

When you file a claim, you'll need to provide the following information:


  • Name, address, phone number and Email address of person reporting claim
  • Policyholder's name and policy number
  • If there are injured parties, name and contact information for injured party(ies)
  • Eyewitnesses
  • Legal council (if applicable)
  • Insurance agency/broker name and contact information


  • Date and time of loss


  • Loss/accident location
  • Current location of vessel


  • Nature of damage or injury
  • Year, make and model of vessel(s) involved
  • Name of your vessel and Hull Identification Number


  • Description of loss as best you are aware


What You Need to Do

Important things to do in the event of loss:

  1. Prevent further damage. If the vessel or other covered property is damaged, you must take all reasonable steps to protect it from further damage.
  2. Notify the police. If your property has been stolen or vandalized, you must immediately notify the police and file a police report.
  3. File a Boating Accident Report. You are required by law to file a Boating Accident Report with your state boating authority if:
    • The damage by or to your vessel or its equipment exceeds $500 (less in some states), or if there is complete loss of the vessel.
    • There is personal injury requiring medical treatment beyond first aid.
    • There is loss of life or disappearance of any person on board a vessel (under circumstances that would indicate death or injury).