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Safety Programs

Solutions For the Unexpected

ACE takes pride in providing superb claims service, but the truth is that we would rather work with you to prevent an unexpected loss than to adjust one after it occurs.  Then, everyone benefits.  You don't go through the stress of suffering a loss. We don’t have to pay a claim.  And, if we can repeat that experience across many of our customers, we have more flexibility to reduce the cost of insurance for all our customers.  Therefore, we have developed a unique set of loss prevention programs to help protect your family, home, and financial well-being.

Loss prevention programs

  • Home and safety assessment: When you first insure your home with us or add a home to your policy, we provide a complimentary evaluation of the home that frequently includes advice on reducing the risk of loss.
  • Water leak protection: Guard against one of the most common and costly causes of loss by taking advantage of premium credits and an exclusive manufacturer discount to install an automatic water leak detection and shut-off system in your home.
  • Sump pump backup system:  Keep your basement dry by installing a battery backup power supply for your sump pump, because severe storms often knock out the power when you most need the pump to be working.  Learn about special discounts we’ve arranged with a quality supplier.
  • Personal identity protection: As our client, you have complimentary access to services that will help you prevent and recover from identity fraud, as well as manage your reputation in today’s technology-driven world.
  • Wildfire protection: If you own a home in AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, TX, UT, WA, or WY, we provide a customized action plan for improving the safety of your family and home, and we can send an emergency response team to protect your property when it is in the immediate path of a wildfire. Read about our response to the latest wildfire activity.
  • Background screening: We provide access to a service that conducts background screening of domestic employees, financial advisers, and contractors.
  • Emergency Power Generation: Avoid alarm and sump pump failure, frozen pipes, food and wine spoilage, and imposing on friends or family or paying costly hotel bills when a storm cuts electrical power for many days.  Consider a backup power generator for your home, and learn about premium credits we offer and the special offer we’ve arranged with a leading manufacturer.