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Umbrella Liability Insurance

As your wealth increases, so does your attractiveness as a target for lawsuits. Settlements for serious injury or property damage can exceed the liability limits of your home or auto policies. You could lose your home, property, savings and investments - even your future income. Umbrella coverage offers critical protection in these cases. It offers the following benefits:


High limit availability. You can acquire from $1 million up to $100 million of additional liability protection for bodily and personal injury.

Fills coverage gaps. Our umbrella policy will pay from the first dollar of loss if a coverage gap exists in the home or auto policy.

Legal defense. Once the resources of your underlying coverages are exhausted, we will coordinate and pay for your legal defense without reducing your liability limit.

Private consultation.  We provide coverage for the cost of having your lawyer monitor our legal defense efforts.

Reputation defense. We provide coverage for the cost of having a public relations firm protect your reputation.

Court costs. In addition to the settlement to an insured party, you will be covered for potentially substantial court costs and fees associated with the defense of your case.

Optional enhancements. You can add coverage for uninsured/underinsured liability, employment practices liability, and not-for-profit director’s & officer’s liability

What's Your Liability Risk?

How much are you at risk of being sued? Complete our personal liability risk scorecard to get a rough idea.

While everyone is at risk for being the target of a personal liability lawsuit, some people are more at risk than others, especially if they have substantial assets.

Coverage Comparison

Standard industry policies do not:

  • Offer limits up to $100 million.  Most stop at about $5 million, which may not be enough to fully protect your net worth and future income stream.
  • Fill coverage gaps, which are more likely to exist in standard home and auto policies.
  • Pay for legal defense costs without using up the liability limit - an important benefit since legal defense costs can often run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.