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Wealth Advisor Solutions

Wealth Preservation through Personal Risk Management

As a trusted advisor to your clients, you have a unique opportunity to present them with a customized property and casualty insurance program for protecting their wealth and lifestyle.  Contact us to learn more.

We know that as your clients’ wealth grows, the risks that can threaten their family and lifestyle grow increasingly complex – often to the point where they are overlooked by the wealthiest families and most seasoned advisors.  We can help you understand those risks, and make it easy to confront them in a simple yet comprehensive program for personal risk management – the ACE Platinum Portfolio®.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Many wealth advisors hesitate to raise the topic of property and casualty insurance because they aren’t experts.  Make their reluctance your competitive edge.  We can help you enhance your range of offerings by connecting you to an independent and objective insurance advisor who can help you retain clients and win them as well, by becoming part of your referral network.

Complimentary White Papers to Download

Managing the Risks of Employing Domestic Staff

Families who employ domestic staff must consider the risks of labor law violations, worker injury, liability lawsuits, theft, and personal physical harm. Learn how to help your clients avoid mistakes and ensure a safe and smooth running household.

Managing Home Renovation Risks for High Net Worth Homeowners

From unreliable contractors and poor safety precautions to inadequate insurance, too many homeowners overlook renovation risks. Learn how to help your clients mitigate the potential problems that could arise.

Breakthroughs in Managing Tangible Assets: Completing the Picture of Wealth

Tangible assets, such as fine art, wine, and jewelry, have finally been recognized as an asset class in their own right. But poor documentation and valuation often create insurance, tax, and estate planning issues.

Wealth at Risk: How High Net Worth Families Overpay to Be Underinsured

By failing to update their personal insurance program to reflect the wealth they have built, many high net worth families have insurance policies full of wasteful spending and dangerous gaps in coverage.

Targeting the Rich: Liability Lawsuits and the Threat to Families with Emerging and Established Wealth

Many wealthy families are increasingly concerned about being the target of a costly lawsuit but remain poorly prepared for such an occurrence, according to research commissioned by ACE.

Retire with Confidence: How to Structure a Personal Insurance Program

Financially successful couples and individuals in or near retirement face complex decisions about insurance. This white paper presents 13 steps to strengthen wealth protection and reduce expenses when building a personal insurance program.

Passionate Investing on the Rise: Spotlight on Asset Protection for Collectors

Valuable collections are increasingly seen as a means of investment diversification as well as aesthetic enjoyment by many wealthy families, but the collections are not always adequately protected.

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