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Product Recall: Reducing the Impact of Product Recalls on Financial Statements and Brand Reputation
From peanuts to eggs, pet food to auto parts and just about everything in between, thousands of products are recalled in the United States every year. To avoid potential disaster, organizations increasingly seek crisis management insurance products and services, such as product recall insurance, to provide a combination of traditional insurance indemnification with extensive consulting services both on a pre- and post-incident basis. Read more in this ACE-sponsored report from Advisen.
Clinical Trial Research in Hospitals
Clinical trials, a necessity for healthcare innovation, increasingly are resulting in litigation against the parties connected to the study, including hospitals. This Advisen report, sponsored by ACE, explores the clinical trial liability exposures of hospitals, strategies for mitigating these exposures and frequent misconceptions regarding insurance coverage.
Emerging Environmental Risks in the Healthcare Industry
Emerging Environmental Risks in the Healthcare Industry Driven by legislated reforms, technological developments, an aging population and changing patient expectations, the healthcare industry is being rapidly transformed in the United States. At the same time, the Environmental Protection Agency is stepping up its enforcement activities. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations have long had challenging environmental exposures, but in a period of growth and change, they need to be especially vigilant in proactively identifying and managing environmental risk. Read more in this ACE-sponsored report from Advisen.
Market Trends Impacting Multinational Travel Risk Management Programs
Organizations are increasingly seeking comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions to meet their international travel needs. Programs are now available that incorporate a combination of insurance, intelligence, risk mitigation, response and recovery. Read more in this ACE-sponsored report from Advisen.
Global Environmental Regulation: Big Demands, Bigger Challenges
There are more than 3,460 new environmental regulations awaiting attention from legislators and regulators around the globe. No matter where on the planet your company does business, they all have the power to profoundly alter how you do business. Read more in this ACE-sponsored report from Advisen.