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ACE in the US Videos

ACE Video Series: Construction Risk
The new podcast series features three videos that provide important information to consider when preparing for risks related to primary casualty, inland marine, safety hazards and overall general construction industry exposures.
ACE Video Series: Casualty Risks
ACE’s Casualty Risk podcast series highlights several key casualty risks seen in today’s marketplace and presents risk management strategies that risk managers and businesses can employ to prepare for future exposures.  Additionally, the series discusses integrated and innovative coverage options that can help businesses’ mitigate casualty risks based on their current risk appetite or purchasing capabilities.
ACE Worldview for ACE Risk Management
ACE Worldview® is a powerful web-based desktop portal specifically designed for risk managers and brokers – providing instant access to their insurance programs through the ACE systems and resources. It is unique in the industry and exclusive to ACE.
Brazil and India: Unique but Equally Appealing
Bryan Tedford, Senior Vice President, ACE Foreign Casualty, looks at the emerging Brazilian and Indian markets and provides comment on the huge insurance opportunities they possess despite their unique characteristics.
Green Energy Not Without Own Environmental Risks
Darren Small, Vice President and Underwriting Manager, ACE USA National Custom Casualty Energy, provides an overview of today’s renewable energy technology and explores how renewable energy can still pose environmental concerns on the operational side, such as the fallout from damaged equipment.
Product Recall “Catastrophic Event” in Worst Cases
Florian Beerli, Senior Vice President of product recall for ACE Westchester Specialty, part of the ACE Group, is interviewed at the 2013 RIMS conference in Los Angeles, and says while frequency is low, severity in product recall cases is often on par with catastrophe events. Product Recall “Catastrophic Event” in Worst Case Scenarios.
Hospital Violence an Emerging Risk
Diane Doherty, Vice President, ACE Medical Risk Group discusses how violence continue to be an emerging area of risk for healthcare facilities and their risk managers. Watch to learn more about this growing risk and how to mitigate future exposures.
ACE AcceleratorSM
ACE Accelerator To streamline the UM/UIM/PIP coverage election process, ACE Risk Management® (ARM) introduces ACE Accelerator, a web-based solution designed exclusively for ARM clients that allows a risk manager to quickly review, execute, and submit the various coverage election forms. Watch to learn more.
ACE Insures...
ACE insures... Watch this brief video to learn about what ACE does and what risks we write.