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Corporate Social Responsibility

ACE supports the communities around the world in which our employees live and work through our established Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) entities and via company-sponsored volunteer initiatives.

ACE is a firm believer that positive contributions to the fabric of our communities return long-lasting benefits to society, our employees and our company.

The annual Regional 'Day of Service' in Asia Pacific was established in 2012, providing employees across the region with the opportunity to participate in various community outreach activities in line with ACE‟s over-arching CSR support for improving education and health, alleviating poverty and saving the environment.

In Vietnam, ACE is committed to improving the lives of the underprivileged through long-term philanthropic programs. Through ‘Crossing Waves Fund’, ACE Life commits to provide supports to the community, in particular supporting long-term educational projects, such as school building/renovation projects and the donation of learning equipment to schools in impoverished provinces often hit by natural disasters. Moreover, the fund was also donated to support underprivileged students financially and helping them prepare for their future careers.

Goodwill from the hearts of all our employees and account representatives permeates society. Positive feedback from the various organizations and individuals we’ve helped continues. 

Our CSR Initiatives: