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ACE Code of Conduct

"Integrity is at the heart of our company. ACE is only as strong as our reputation for honesty, fairness and ethical behavior – and every one of us owns a piece of that reputation every time we make a business decision."
Evan Greenberg, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, ACE Limited

Our values are the foundation upon which our business is built. Our customers, shareholders, co-workers and the communities in which we do business expect honest and ethical conduct from us each and every day. Integrity First: The ACE Code of Conduct reaffirms our shared commitment to ethical behavior throughout the ACE organization.

All ACE employees have an obligation to contribute to ACE’s reputation for high ethical conduct. Integrity First is our guide to day-to-day activities as an ACE employee, as it clearly defines expectations for behavior. Every act that is consistent with these guidelines will strengthen the company.

Integrity First
, the ACE Code of Conduct, encompasses the following:

  • Equal Employment
  • A Harassment-free Workplace
  • Dealing Fairly with Stakeholders
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Financial Reporting and Accounting
  • Prevention of Money Laundering
  • Electronic Communications and Data Security