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Cash payment at post offices of VN Post Policyowners can visit any post office of VN

Post to make premium payment without any service charges. Please contact financial service function at any post office of VN Post for premium payment. To make premium payment to Chubb Life, please input the following information:

  • Policy Number (or Application Number) and Policyowner Name
  • Payment description:

- Initial premium payment (or input LD);

- Renewal premium payment or Refund for policy loan (or input DK);

- Premium for alteration or reinstatement (or input DC).

  • Payment amount

Post office staff will collect money and provide Transaction Confirmation for your checking and filing.

In rare case, post office staff might not find your policy information in their system, please request them to contact Chubb Life at phone number 08-3827 8123 for further instruction.

Please find addresses of all post office  of VN Post in the file attached here.

Post Offices

ACE Life Offices

Cash payment at Chubb Life sales offices

Policyowners can visit any Chubb Life sales offices  to make premium payment. After making premium payment, policyowners will receive a Premium Collection Receipt (Customer copy) from our customer staff.

Working hours:  Monday - Friday:      8h30 – 17h00                          

                        Saturday:                8h30 – 12h00                          

                        Sunday & Hodidays: Closed

Please click here for the addresses of all Chubb Life sales offices.

Account Rep

Cash payment via Chubb Life Account Representatives

Policyowners could contact your Account Representative to make premium payment in cash. Upon receiving of the money, Account Representative will return a 2nd  copy of Premium Collection Receipt (Customer copy) to policyowners for checking and filing.

Please request your Account Representative to provide a valid Premium Collection Receipt for each payment and keep this document as proof of payment. Any complaint relating to premium payment without a valid Premium Collection Receipt with sufficient and accurate information will not be considered as a legal complaint for Chubb Life to handle.

Premium Collectors

Cash payment via Chubb Life Premium Collectors

Policyowners could contact your Premium Collector to make premium payment in cash. After making payment, policyowners will receive a receipt printed from POS machine of Premium Collector