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As soon as you become aware of any circumstances likely to lead a third party make a claim against you, you have an obligation to notify us immediately.

An acknowledgment of the claim notification will be sent within three to five working days of receipt of notification. Further information and documents may be requested.

If you require indemnity under the ACE Policy, you are required to take the following actions:

Provide us with full information and details on the following:

  1. Who is your contact person handling the matter?
  2. Full contact details of the third- party claimant.
  3. What happened, where and when?
  4. Full description of the damage or details of the injured/sick.
  5. When and how did you become aware of the matter?
  6. What is the estimated amount of the claim?
  7. Furnish all relevant documents, including any correspondence exchanged with the third- party claimant.

Other important advice includes:

  • Do not repair, dispose, destroy, alter or otherwise tamper with any property involved in the incident.
  • It is your obligation to preserve any evidence within your control for investigation purposes.
  • If you receive a writ, summon or other notice of legal proceeding from any third party, do not answer it. Pass it, immediately and unanswered, to ACE, the loss adjuster appointed by ACE or your broker.
  • Do not admit or discuss liability or make any promise or offer of compensation or goodwill payment to any third- party claimant without consulting your insurers or loss adjuster.

ACE will then carry out any necessary investigations, determine whether the policy applies, advise you of any action you might be required to take and determine how to resolve the claim. A loss adjuster may be appointed by the insurer. Please co-operate with the loss adjuster and furnish any relevant information requested by him/her.

ACE maintains a panel of service providers such as loss adjusters, forensic accountants, solicitors, investigators and other experts to assist if necessary in the investigation and handling of litigious matters, that may arise from claims.

Should you require ACE to handle your claim, you should not enter into any discussions with other parties about the claim or attempt to deny or settle the claim. If there is a denial of indemnity, detailed reasons for the denial will be provided in writing. Claims status reports can be provided on request.