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Financial Lines

You should immediately notify your broker or ACE if you become aware of an actual or potential claim. The notification should include all information required by the policy. You should also forward any information or comments you might wish to make.

An acknowledgment of the claim notification will be sent within three to five working days of receipt of notification. Further information and documents may be requested.

ACE will then undertake any necessary investigations, determine whether the policy applies, advise you of any action you might be required to take and determine how to resolve the claim.

ACE maintains a panel of service providers such as loss adjusters, forensic accountants, solicitors, investigators and other experts to help investigate and handle of litigious matters,that may arise from claims.

Should you require ACE to handle your claim, you should not discuss the claim with any other parties or attempt to deny or settle the claim.

If there is a denial of indemnity, then detailed reasons for the denial will be provided in writing.

Claims payments will be made promptly after we have received duly executed release/settlement agreement/discharge.

Claims status reports can be provided upon request.