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Travel Claims

Relevant documents

  • Travel documents such as passports, air tickets and/or boarding passes.
  • Medical reports/bills/certificates/reports relevant to treatments/hospital admission.
  • Original medical bills( if the claim relates to reimbursement).
  • Original purchase receipts (if the claim relates to the loss of personal property.
  • Overseas police report or relevant authority (if the claim relates to the loss of personal property and/or money).
  • Written confirmation issued by the Carrier/Airline (if the claim relates to baggage delay/flight delay/ flight misconnection).
  • Letter from the concerned third party (if the claim relates to legal liability).
  • Death Certificate/post mortem report/autopsy report/police reports/Letter of Administration/Confirmation of lawful right of inheritance (if the claim involves fatalities).
  • Power of Attorney of the Insured Person (in case the Insured Person/Group Insurance authorizes another person to be the Claimant).

The above mentioned relevant documents must be submitted to the Company within 30 days of the events that resulted in the insurance claim.

Please note that we reserve the right to request additional documents if needed.

Worldwide Travel Protection Plan Claim Form