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Energy Casualty

ACE offers a comprehensive range of energy casualty insurance products and services. These encompass all aspects of legal liability exposure and risks affecting operators, facilities and contractors across the energy industry in Asia Pacific.

ACE provides the business insurance coverage required to maintain financial stability and professional reputation. We pride ourselves on being innovative solutions providers and we go the extra mile to customise solutions to the unique needs of individual clients.


  • Upstream – Offshore & Onshore Oil and gas exploration and production companies
  • Midstream – Petroleum bulk stations/terminals including pipelines and transportation
  • Downstream - Petrochemical and chemical process companies
  • Electricity, gas and water utilities and related energy and power generation, transmission and distribution companies
  • Mining and mineral exploration risks for both underground and open cut operations.
  • Energy related Construction (CAR) & erection all-risk insurance coverage (EAR)
  • Various Contractors servicing the energy industry


  • Broad definition of Personal Injury and Property Damage
  • Broad definition of Insured Broad form, manuscript or established specific Energy Liability wordings
  • Excess policies written on ‘follow form’ basis
  • Umbrella policies provide difference in limits/conditions and drop down coverage
  • Worldwide Jurisdiction & Territorial coverage
  • Global/Regional programmes - ability to cover global operations for Asia Pacific headquartered risks
  • Worldwide Sales including USA/Canada Exports
  • ACE’s global network assists in effective claims management & settlement
  • Liability Risk Engineering capabilities to help clients reduce risk & loss costs


Provides insurance coverage for Insured’s legal liabilities to Third Party for Bodily Injury and Property Damage arising out of business operating in the Energy sector. ACE’s comprehensive range of products and services encompasses a number of aspects of legal liability exposures and risks affecting operators, facilities, manufacturers and contractors across the entire Energy Sector. We provide the coverage required to assist our clients maintain their reputation and financial stability, from the design phase, through construction activity and into their operational risks.