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Global Engineering Capabilities

Increasingly, property owners, managers and in some countries, directors and executives are being held accountable for injury and loss of life resulting from fire and accident that occur on their property.

Risk engineering is about identifying and quantifying the hazard companies and individual are exposed to, assessing the likelihood of these hazards causing harm. It provides a systematic and effective ways of preventing tragedies and mitigating risk.

How We Can Help You:

  • Build risk management awareness within an organization
  • Assist risk managers in establishing priorities
  • An easy to understand scoring system to help identify key areas for improvement
  • Promotes a risk management culture/improvement throughout the organization
  • Allows comparisons across a large portfolio through a comparative rating system
  • Easy analysis for each location on a year-by-year basis and category of risk
  • Identify common problem areas that may exist

ACE’s Global Engineering Network

ACE’s Risk Engineering Services in the Asia Pacific region are part of a global network of risk engineering consultants based in major cities around the world. The group is managed by Regional Directors who communicate and meet on a regular basis to ensure a high standard of service for our customers.

Our risk engineers come from various engineering backgrounds; this diversity strengthens our expertise in loss prevention. We have also gained extensive experience in general commercial and heavy industries as well as areas such as occupational health & safety, public and products liability and environmental matters. Our engineers are familiar with local codes and work practices, as well as international loss prevention standards.

Our Approach to Risk Engineering

The primary aim of ACE’s Risk Engineering Services is to help you to manage your risk. We encourage open communication and are happy to work to agreed standards. Our codes and standards are based on:

  • Comparisons of local and international risk management and loss prevention standards
  • Recent research data and actual loss histories
  • Insurance industry expectations

We employ a consultative approach with our clients as we understand that whilst loss improvements can be achieved for little or even no cost, there may be a need to budget for capital expense improvements. Often, short term solutions can be applied to reduce the level of risk to an acceptable level within the process of broader, long-term plans.

ACE Risk Engineers possess the flexibility to apply engineering judgment in offering alternative solutions which meet your needs. We don’t dictate requirements. Instead, we will work with you to derive a solution that works for you. It’s important that both long-term objectives and immediate needs are considered, with decision-making based on sound engineering principles.

Risk Benchmarking

Depending on your risk engineering requirements, ACE can provide benchmarking programs specifically for you. 

  1. Our engineers will work with you to gain an understanding of your business and how you operate. 
  2. They will carry out an inspection and review your operations to set a baseline level for your facilities, systems and procedures, as well as the hazards or exposures you face. 
  3. We can then compare this with other similar operations that we insure globally, and advise you on ways to improve your risk profile. Areas below industry average can be immediately targeted for improvement.

Benchmarking can be used to compare global risk management performance across a portfolio of properties or operating units. If appropriate, it can also be used in premium allocation across operating units to promote risk improvement.

Easy Reporting With Eureka Platform

The Eureka platform is an innovative web and tablet based system that ACE’s risk engineers use to conduct surveys and provide risk benchmarking programs to clients. It allows the flexibility to customized the reports based on your needs; from executive summary to quickly inform the Board of issue, to in-dept reviews for the risk manager and operations staffs.

ACE risk engineering- Eureka-report diagram
Risk rating diagram from Eureka


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