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Investment Manager Insurance

Provides financial protection to investment managers, funds and their directors and officers against claims arising from any error, wrongful or improper act or omission while performing investment services.


  • Blended program of Directors & Officers company reimbursement,; professional indemnity and crime insuring clauses – with the ability to offer combined or separate limits for each clause
  • Automatic new fund or new subsidiary cover
  • No scheduling of funds required
  • Key man loss cover
  • Extradition costs cover
  • Crime cover for loss from employee and third-party theft
  • Discovery period for 12 months on Crime

Areas of Focus

  • Individuals or organizations that provide financial services, or financial advice, such as investment advisers, investment managers, employee benefit planners and consultants, and electronic funds transfer systems
  • Depository or credit institutions such as banks, building societies, credit unions, leasing companies and finance companies
  • Non-depository institutions such as investment bankers, insurance companies (life, general, reinsurance, health), investment companies and superannuation plans
  • Exchanges
  • Property trusts
  • Managed funds or unit trusts
  • Clearing houses
  • Electronic data service providers

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