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Power & Utilities Facilities

More than ever before, the Power Generation industry requires the critical protection of dependable, proven loss prevention and risk management services. The ACE Group is widely recognised as a global leader in providing all risk property insurance for all types of power plants and power stations.

Comprising of experts who understand the unique needs of power generation customers, the ACE Power Generation team has a long-term focus on client relationships. The team cultivates a tripartite relationship with both broker and client as a means of establishing a solid understanding of the client's needs. To ensure the success of these relationships, the ACE team travels extensively and has regular contact with our clients.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides cover for physical assets as well as business interruption
  • Cover combines a property all-risks cover with machinery breakdown cover for complete protection
  • Coverage is broad in scope
  • Limits are typically high
  • Engineering and risk management consultation

Market Specialisations:

  • Major power generators (steam and gas)
  • Gas turbines
  • Nuclear Power
  • Co-generation Wind Power Hydro-electric Distribution

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