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Umbrella Liability

The ACE Umbrella Liability Policy provides excess cover over a company’s underlying products liability and public/general liability policies.

It eliminates the need for separate excess liability covers over each and every liability policy. It also offers protection where gaps in the primary liability insurances have not been identified.


  • Provide difference in limits/difference in conditions coverage
  • Broad definition of personal injury and insured
  • Drop- down coverage of agreed underlying primary policies upon exhaustion of annual aggregate limits
  • Drop- down coverage for contingencies not covered under the agreed primary policies
  • Excess limits
  • Wide ACE network of over 50 countries, including USA and Canada
  • Availability of Casualty Risk Global Engineering capabilities
  • Large Capacity up to US$50,000,000 limit


  • Construction (third- party liability exposures)
  • Manufacturing (light & heavy industries)
  • Distribution (wholesalers, retailers)
  • Real estate & hospitality (serviced apartments, hotels, resorts, etc.)
  • Energy & utilities ( oil & gas, petrochemicals, etc.)
  • Services (banks, telecommunications, etc.)
  • Retail