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Upstream & Downstream Energy Facilities

Our comprehensive products and services portfolio encompasses the entire spectrum of protection for upstream & downstream energy facilities. From exploration coverage to onshore and offshore facilities, we provide the coverage required to maintain every customer’s financial stability and professional reputation.

ACE is committed to adding value to client relationships, by providing specific underwriting solutions for specialised client needs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Financial strength to secure broad asset protection
  • Coverage for projects under construction as well as active operations
  • Coverage for both physical assets and business interruption
  • Claims expertise and help managing/settling catastrophic loss issues
  • Tailored, responsive solutions to specific customer risk management objectives
  • Clearly defined policy terms

Market specialisations:

  • Oil and gas exploration and production companies
  • Onshore energy and offshore energy facilities
  • Petrochemical and chemical process companies
  • Other industries, such as electricity and water utilities and related energy and power generation companies

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