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Level Term 10/15/20 years - 2010

Our Level Term insurance plans provide financial security for your immediate family and your beloved ones' should something unexpected happen to you. The premium is lower than other insurance product types at the same level of the benefit coverage. No medical reexamination is required should there be a conversion to another insurance product type.


Death Benefit: Upon death of the Insured Person, ACE Life will pay 100% of the Sum Assured.

Conversion Benefit – Free of medical checkup: At every anniversary date, the policy owner can request a product conversion from a Level Term policy to another life insurance product types without going through a medical reexamination process given that the other criteria required by ACE Life are met.


  • Individual basic plan
  • Non participating and non refunding
  • Benefit term: 10/15/20 years
  • Premium term: same as benefit term
  • Payment mode: yearly, half-yearly and quarterly
  • Age at entry: 18 to 65 years
  • Attachable rider(s): Accidental Death, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Hospital Stay Protection and Premium Waiver.


* This is basic information about the product(s). Please contact our Agency or hotline on (84.8) 38 27 8123 for more details.