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Universal Life encompasses the benefits of traditional life insurance products, i.e., term insurance, endowment insurance, Whole Life insurance and annuity insurance. Universal Life not only provides financial protection but also serves as a multi-purpose financial tool that caters to savings, house purchases, car purchases, investments, education, mortgages, loans and retirement … all within ONE policy!

When you purchase a Universal Life product, you will enjoy comprehensive benefits and flexibility. You can adjust your insurance benefits to your needs at different stages of your life. You can even set the payment mode and size of premium to suit your financial situation.

Universal Life is a cost-effective solution. Your money will be managed carefully and transparently to meet your financial goals.

With all these benefits combined in one product, Universal Life is the ideal choice!

Draw up your personal and family financial plans and share your future goals with us. Call ACE Life’s helpful and professional Account Representatives and let us help you secure your family's financial needs with our Universal Life products.