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Universal Option

Universal life - Universal Option 2013

This product offers insureds flexibility in premium payments to suit the policyholders. Apart from life insurance protection, the product also provides policyholders with a cash-in-advance benefit, which can be used as an inheritance for their future generations. This is also one of the first products by ACE Life Vietnam with extension of benefit installments to 10 years after the first claim payout.

In addition, customers can enhance their protection by attaching riders to their Universal Life – Universal Option 2013 plans. These include accidental death, accidental death and dismemberment, hospital stay protection, term rider to age 55/60/65, and/or critical illness and death.

Please see full details of the BBQ and Policy Wordings as below:

Universal Life – Universal Option

The Universal Option allows for flexibility in premium payments when specified by the Policyholder on the advice of ACE Life account representatives. The premiums decrease gradually as the contract value increases. This is an optimal solution to keep the protected value unchanged while increasing the profitable investment.

Please see Policy Wordings and BBQ for full details.