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Staff and Agency Force

Concluding her conversation with the editor of Nhip Cau ACE Life Newsletter, Ms Nguyen Thi Chuc, Director of HCM1 Agency Office, said gently: “Just keep it short and simple, please don’t write too much about me. I think that words without action are meaningless.” It is an admirable quality of this leader that she believes in results, not bombastic statements.

How did you join ACE Life, and what has your work here been like over the past six years? 
Previously, I managed my own company that specialized in watches and glasses. It did pretty well. But as my children grew up, I wanted to build a career at a prestigious company, so my family would feel proud of me.

I came to ACE Life and Life Insurance by accident, through one of my old customers. I first learned about the company’s products, and then when I attended a meeting at ACE Life, I heard a talk by the CEO, Lam Hai Tuan. The words of this talented and visionary leader helped me figure out my own career path. It took me three months to complete the training course, and then I joined ACE Life in September 2006.

You initially joined as a Unit Manager ("UM"). Why did you continue to meet customers as a financial advisor when you graduated to higher positions like Sales Manager ("SM"), District Manager and now Director of Agency Office in HCM1?
Financial advising is my passion. When I was working as a UM and SM, I won the Million Dollar Round Table twice. Now, in higher positions, I want to continue communicating with our customers. This helps me hone my skills and gain more practical experience to support my sales team.

I don’t think that your position is the measure of your success. The important thing is what you do in that position. That’s why I always try my best in every position.

What makes you feel proud now at ACE Life and motivates you to continue contributing to the company?
ACE Life has made me more confident and able to overcome difficulties and pressures in life as well as at work. It has also helped me improve my knowledge, vision and career path.

I am also proud that ACE Life has contributed to enhancing the image of business representatives (also known as life insurance agents) in Vietnam. Through their dealings with ACE Life’s business representatives, customers come to appreciate our ethics and professionalism much more. My colleagues and I are very proud of the career we are pursuing, despite the widespread prejudice against our industry in Vietnam.

Thank you and we wish you more success at ACE Life!